Glossary prior to the general terms and conditions

Below, some terms are explained again as they are frequently used throughout the general terms and conditions.

  • Lessor: Easea Rider, located in 8300 Knokke, Zeedijk 524 A.
  • Rented property: The electric scooters with accessories including: the helmets, the GPS, bags, lock and all necessary board documents.
  • Renter: The natural or legal person who, as renter, concludes the rental agreement at the time of signing and who is the actual rider of the scooter.
  • Group: All associations, companies or non-profit organisations that place a reservation for more than 1 person.

Reservation date is understood to mean: The day the rented property is used.

Article 1: The parties

When making the reservation and/or putting the goods into use, the renter and each rider declare that they have taken note of the following rental conditions and accept them without reservation. The person making the reservation is irrevocably jointly and severally responsible and liable for the co-riders. He therefore contracts for each of them. The lessor reserves the right to make claims against various parties (renter and/or co-rider(s)).

Article 2: The agreement

Article 2.1 Reservation
The reservation is made in the store or in writing via the website www.easearider.be. This reservation can only be made after taking note and approval of our general terms and conditions. The general terms and conditions can be found on the website. After approval of the general terms and conditions, the renter therefore explicitly agrees to these terms and conditions. After booking you will receive a confirmation email that the contract has been concluded, this under the accepted conditions.

If the reservation is made by telephone, a copy of the contract and the conditions will be emailed or faxed and we request that you return a signed copy to us within 8 working days.

In the absence of receipt, this will be regarded as an incomplete reservation and will therefore lapse. You will also receive a request for payment. The reservations are made on the basis of fixed times. You must strictly adhere to the times set. No extensions can be obtained if the scooters are picked up late. It is only possible to deviate from the timetable with clear prior agreements. A separate document will be drawn up for this. If the renter/rider does not adhere to the hours agreed, the lessor will charge extra costs.

The reservations only concern rental within Belgium and the Netherlands. The provisions of the insurance contract must be strictly observed in this regard. These will be communicated and signed by the renter. In the event of non-compliance, the latter will be jointly and severally liable.

Article 2.2: Payment
Private individuals pay the total rental amount and deposit at the latest 2 days before the reservation in accordance with the payment methods in the mail (including VAT), cash or via bancontact.

Groups must pay the total rental amount at least 1 week before the start date in accordance with the payment methods in the mail (including VAT). The deposit must also be paid at least 1 week before the rental date by bank transfer.

The reservation is only final after receipt of the agreed amounts, unless stated otherwise via the confirmation email that you receive after reservation. If the payment is not made at the agreed time, you will lose your reservation. Prices are the same for professionals and individuals. No discounts are given. Any promotions can be offered throughout the season.

The rent does not include all possible costs of repair of the rented property and/or loss of rent and/or cleaning costs as a result of misuse, injudicious use, intent and improper use by the renter. The renter is responsible for the rented property and in all cases, regardless of the circumstance, remains fully liable for all damage caused by him and for all damage to the rented property of the lessor, however named or caused, inflicted or arisen, regardless of whether this is the result of fault by the renter or by third parties. All these costs, administrative costs and the resulting loss of rent will be fully recovered from the renter. Insurance of the renter's personal belongings is also not included.

Article 2.3: Mandatory documents
The mandatory documents are the rider's license and identity card. A copy of the rider's license and ID card must be presented on the day itself. Failing that, the reservation can still be regarded as incomplete.

Article 2.4: Consequences of incomplete reservations
Under no circumstances can the lessor be held responsible or liable for the cancellation of incomplete reservations. It cannot be obliged to compensate direct or indirect damage that would arise on the part of the renter as a result.

Article 3: Cancellation

Cancellation can only be done by phone or email:

  • Up to 4 weeks before the reserved period, 0% of the total invoice amount will be collected/withheld as compensation.
  • Up to 2 weeks before the reserved period, 50% of the total invoice amount will be collected/withheld as compensation.
  • Less than 2 weeks before the reservation period or in case of "absence" on the agreed date, the full amount will remain withheld and/or payable.

If only a few scooters are cancelled, compensation of 30% of the amount per scooter will be due. If some scooters are cancelled less than 2 weeks before the reserved period, the full amount remains due.

If the tour cannot take place due to bad weather or proven force majeure on the part of the renter/group - to be assessed by the lessor himself, in consultation with the renter, then the sum already paid will be converted into credit, to be used until one year after the date of deregistration.

Cancellation, due to a mistake/error/force majeure, technical defect in a scooter, accident, ... on the part of the lessor, only entitles the renter to a refund of the already paid sums.

Article 4: Use of the scooter

The renter/rider undertakes to use the scooter with due and proper care. The renter also undertakes to wear appropriate clothing (slippers, high heels and sandals are prohibited) .

The scooters are equipped with an electric motor and go up to 25 km/h. Before departure, a technical explanation of the use of the scooter will be given. The rider must be at least 21 years old and in possession of a valid driver's license cat. B. or AM. For driver’s licenses issued after April 2013, the AM code must be indicated on the back. The rider may not be previously disqualified from the right to drive.

The renter only uses the e-chopper and accessories on the roads and paths provided for that purpose. The renter may not transport persons other than the rider on the e-chopper.
When storing the e-chopper, the renter removes all loose and theft-sensitive accessories and carries them with him. (like GPS)

The regulations of the highway code or other applicable rules must be followed at all times. Any violations and the resulting fines, penalties, damages, prosecutions, insurance costs/judicial defence ... will be recovered from the renter and/or rider in question and will be fully borne by him/her. In addition, an administrative cost of EUR 75 (excl. VAT) will be charged. On departure, each scooter is provided with the necessary board documents, number plate, chassis number, etc. These items must be returned in impeccable condition.

Helmets are provided by the lessor. Damage thereto will also be recovered from the renter/rider and, if necessary, will be deducted from the deposit. The rider/ renter also remains responsible and liable for the persons transported, even if they exceed the permitted standards.

The rider/ renter is not allowed to use the scooter for any competition or racing, nor to tow, push, use it for goods or passenger traffic (paying). The e-chopper must not be ridden by third parties. If this is the case, the renter is liable for the damage in the event of an accident.

No stickers (of any kind) may be applied. If the renter or any other rider is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication or any other substances that impair consciousness or the ability to react, the rental will not be permitted. Such a situation may not be created during the rental period either. The renter /rider will only use paved and asphalted roads.

He/she will not allow other persons to ride the scooter for the entire duration of the rental. The lessor can under no circumstances be held liable for this if these rules are not observed.

The renter /rider is strictly prohibited from working on the scooter himself and/or having the scooter repaired by a third party.

Article 5: Rental of accessories

You can rent a GPS from the lessor. The lessor reserves the right to charge the renter/rider for the amount of rented accessories in full in the event of theft or total loss or damage to them.

Article 6: Deposit and damage

Article 6.1 The deposit
In addition to the rental prices, a deposit of 300 euros per scooter is charged. The deposit paid for the scooters does not cover the costs in the event of disappearance, theft or total loss of the scooter and accessories. The deposit is paid by bank transfer or cash/bancontact and will be refunded at the latest within 10 working days after the rental. If the renter has not returned the e-chopper and accessories on the pre-agreed end date, the renter is obliged to pay the lessor an amount of €3000 per e-chopper within three days. If the maximum rental time is exceeded, an additional amount of €7.50 per e-chopper per 15 minutes will be charged. When you return early, the full rental price remains intact.

Article 6.2 the condition of the scooter before departure
Before departure, an inspection of the scooter is done in the presence of all parties involved. The scooters must be returned to the place of departure in the same condition as they were in during the inspection (unless otherwise expressly agreed).

Article 6.3 The insurance
The lessor has third-party liability insurance for each scooter in accordance with the law. Damage cases will be reported to the insurance company. Coverage is subject to a damage waiver/exemption of €1,000. The damage waiver will be paid by the renter/rider himself in the event of any damage or accident. In case of non-coverage, this cannot be recovered from the lessor.

Article 6.4 Liability
Easea Rider is not liable for any damage, direct or indirect and of whatever nature, to the renter or third parties, regardless of the way in which it arose and by the persons by whom it was caused, except insofar as the damage is the direct result due to a manufacturing defect or attributable negligence on the part of ER, in which case ER is only obliged to compensate the damage up to a maximum of the amount of the payment made by its insurance. ER requires the use of helmets.

If a defect or accident occurs during the ride or if damage, loss or theft of the e-scooter is established, the renter/rider must:

  • notify the lessor immediately on 050 500 229 (mobile phone ...)
    Action will be taken as soon as possible.
  • moreover (in the event of an accident) the reporting officers must also be immediately informed by the renter. A declaration will then also be made.

The renter and/or rider in question is responsible and liable for the process official reports to be drawn up. On arrival, the scooters will be checked again;

  • Visible damage (including missing parts, damage to the inside or outside, theft of parts, ...) will be deducted from the deposit. The damage that would exceed the deposit will be fully recovered from the renter.
  • Hidden damage that only emerges after a thorough inspection (such as - not exhaustively enumerated - a.o. costs of repair to the engine and/or the mechanics as a result of poor/incorrect use by the renter, costs of improper use, ... ) will also be recovered from the renter.
  • Intentionally concealed damage (both visible and invisible damage) upon return will be sanctioned with an additional 100 euros per item of damage, on top of the repair cost.

In the event of damage, an additional administrative cost of 75 euros per scooter is always due. The lessor reserves the right to withhold the deposit until the invoice for repair is received or until after the decision of the competent court or until after the opinion of the insurance company.

The lessor also reserves the right to recover the entire loss of income during the period of non-availability of the scooter(s) in question from the person causing the damage. It will prove this loss of income by means of reservation requests that it must cancel (either from one or a few individuals, or from an entire group).

The damage is always repaired at an official dealer, appointed by the lessor. The dealer will submit a damage estimate to the lessor within 14 days of the return date, who will deliver this estimate to the renter by return. The renter has 7 working days to agree or disagree in writing.

No response within this period means tacit agreement with the price quotation. The claim is then enforceable and/or due and payable. Non-agreement will always be accompanied by a serious counter-quote, delivered by an expert, at the renter’s own expense. Any other disagreement is unfounded and is equivalent to an agreement after which the claim is enforceable and/or payable.

In the event of a reasoned non-agreement, the lessor has the option of either reaching an agreement after all, or submitting the case to a third expert, or taking the case before the competent court. The renter is also fully liable for theft and/or damage caused by third parties.

Article 7: Protection of personal customer data

For the lessor, the protection of customer data is extremely important. We undertake not to sell or share data with third parties. The customer data can only be used for sending our promotions, newsletters and the like, of which receipt can be cancelled by unsubscribing by e-mail.

Article 8: Legal action - competent court

Any complaint must be sent by registered letter to the address of the lessor. To be valid, this must be done within 7 days of the reservation date. Late complaints will no longer be treated.

If the scooters are not returned after the rental period or if there are disputes, this gives rise to legal action.
All disputes fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in Bruges of the lessor.